Welcome to the website of the Bujinkan Cambridge Martial Arts Dojo. We are based in Cambridge, UK and study and teach the martial art of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, also known as Ninjutsu and Ninpo tai-jutsu. Ninjutsu is the martial art as practiced by Japans legendary Ninja. The Bujinkan is the international organisation headed by Dr Masaaki Hatsumi of Noda City, Japan.


Introductory Course starting 12th July 2018

£25 for a 4 week course.

For more information, and to book a place: contact John on 07732 974760,


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We are just 2 minutes walk from the guided busway: Orchard Park West stop


About the Bujinkan arts:


Bujinkan Ninjusu has evolved and developed through the centuries laying down not just fundamental movements but also universal philosophies.

The forms and movements have been transmitted from generation to generation via written scrolls for 900 years, but the way to use them is passed verbally and there has been an unbroken line of grandmasters for 34 generations.

Dr Hatsumi is the Grandmaster of all the 9 Ryu (schools) in the Bujinkan.


The 9 Bujinkan schools we study are:

  1. Togakure-ryu Ninpo Happo Biken
    Founded in the late 1100’s by Daisuke Nishina.
  2. Gyokko-ryu Kosshijutsu Happo Biken
    Founded in the mid 1100’s by Tozawa Hakuunsai.
  3. Kukishin-ryu Taijutsu Happo Biken
    Founded in the mid 1300 by Izumo Kanja Yoshitero.
  4. Shindenfudo-ryu Dakentaijutsu Happo Biken
    Founded in the beginning of 1100 by Izumo Kaja Yoshitero.
  5. Gyokushin-ryu Ninpo Happo Biken
    Founded in the mid 1500 by Sasaki Goemon Teruyoshi.
  6. Koto-ryu Koppojutsu Happo Biken
    Founded in the mid 1500 by Sakagami Taro Kunishige.
  7. Gikan-ryu Koppo Taijutsu Happo Biken
    Founded in the mid 1500 by Uryu Hangan Gikanbo.
  8. Takagiyoshin-ryu Jutaijutsu Happo Biken
    Founded in the beginning of 1600 by Takagi Oriuemon Shigenobu.
  9. Kumogakure-ryu Ninpo Happo Biken
    Founded in the mid 1500 by Iga Heinaizaemon No Jo Ienaga.


All of our instructors are fully licensed members of the Bujinkan Dojo.

Check out the Facebook group Bujinkan UK Seminars for information about upcoming courses from all over the UK.




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