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We are very proud to be licensed members of the Bujinkan which is a large and growing international organisation. Our members pay annual membership to the Bujinkan.


Be aware that there are organisations in the UK and abroad claiming to teach Ninjutsu and to be affiliated to the Bujinkan – based on their senior instructor having trained in the Bujinkan in the past. One in particular uses “Bujinkan” as part of their title and they use the Bujinkan logo on their training gi’s. Their views and training methods are not verified or approved of by the Bujinkan and do not necessarily represent Ninjutsu or the Bujinkan. Therefore their training could involve dangerous practices. Please verify your instructor’s credentials, if unsure you are welcome to email us.

For a list of some international dojos see here and UK dojo’s here.

Every year, Soke Hatsumi chooses a different theme for the year’s training. Sometimes it’s a Bujinkan school or ryu, sometimes a particular choice of weapon, or sometimes a principle. So far, the themes have been:

  • 2017 – Kannin Doshi (Perseverance of mutual respect. Respect yourself and respect your opponent.).
  • 2016 – Katana
  • 2015 – Nagamaki
  • 2014 – Shin In Bu Do
  • 2013 – Ken, Muto Dori
  • 2012 – Kanamae (vital/pivot point, such as the pin which holds a Japanese folding fan together) and the weapon for the year is Katana.
  • 2011 – Kihon Happo
  • 2010 – Rokkon Shoujou
  • 2009 – Saino Konki Tamashii Utsuwa
  • 2008 – Togakure Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu and Ninja Biken
  • 2007 – Kukishin Ryu
  • 2006 – Shinden Fudo Ryu (Principles of Nature)
  • 2005 – Gyokko-ryu Kosshijutsu Happoubiken (Bo and Tachi)
  • 2004 – Daishou Juutaijutsu (Roppo-Kuji-no Biken)
  • 2003 – Juppo Sessho
  • 2002 – Jutaijutsu (Takagi Yoshin Ryu)
  • 2001 – Kosshijutsu (Gyokko Ryu)
  • 2000 – Koppojutsu (Koto Ryu)
  • 1999 – Kukishinden Ryu
  • 1998 – Shinden Fudo Ryu
  • 1997 – Jojutsu
  • 1996 – Bokken
  • 1995 – Naginata
  • 1994 – Yari
  • 1993 – Rokushakubojutsu
  • 1992 – Taijutsu Power
  • 1991 – Sword and Jutte
  • 1990 – Hanbo
  • 1989 – Taijutsu and Weapons
  • 1988 – Taijutsu



The Essence of Ninpo

By Masaaki Hatsumi, 34th Soke of the Togakure Ryu

The Essence of Ninpo By Masaaki Hatsumi, 34th Soke of the Togakure Rye I believe that Ninpo, the highest order of Ninjutsu, should be offered to the world as a guiding influence for all martial artists. The physical and spiritual survival methods eventually immortalized by Japan’s Ninja were in fact one of the sources of Japanese martial arts.

Without complete and total training in all aspects of combative arts, today’s martial artist cannot hope to progress any further than mere proficiency in the limited set of muscular skills that make up his or her training system. Personal enlightenment can only come about through total immersion in a martial tradition as a way of living. By experiencing the confrontation of danger, the transcendence of fear, injury, death, and a working knowledge of individual personal powers and limitations, the practitioner of Ninjutsu can gain strength and invincibility that permit enjoyment of the flowers moving in the wind, appreciation of the love of others, and contentment with the presence of peace in society.

The attainment of this enlightenment is characterized by the development of the jihi no kokoro, or “benevolent heart.” Stronger than love itself the benevolent heart is capable of encompassing all that constitutes universal justice and all that finds expression in the unfolding of the universal scheme. Born of the insight attained from repeated exposure to the very brink between life and death, Ninpo’s benevolent heart is the key to finding harmony and understanding in the realms of the spiritual and natural material worlds. After so many generations of obscurity in the shadowy recesses of history, the life philosophy of the ninja is now once again emerging, because once again, it is the time in human destiny in which Ninpo is needed. May peace prevail so mankind can continue to grow and evolve into the next great plateau.

Essence of Ninjutsu

By Toshitsugu Takamatsu
33rd Sôke, Togakure Ryu

The heart of the martial arts is self-protection. However, the essence of self-protection lies in ninjutsu because ninjutsu also protects one’s spirit. Therefore, without the proper spirit in martial training, one can be led to ruin.

For example, medical technology is dedicated to saving life but the misuse of it can kill people. Eating and drinking are for nourishment. However, overeating harms the body. Politicians are responsible for the governing of countries and the protection of its citizens. When these politicians are greedy, ignorant, and afraid to commit their lives to their endeavors, they only bring about disorder and cause suffering. A religion, when it is sincere and steadfast, can inspire people to protect themselves, make their families thrive, and benefit the society. When it is corrupt, it destroys people and puts the nation in jeopardy.

Therefore, if you are a master of the martial arts and practice ninjutsu, you will gain the most essential secret of all methods. This secret is called shin-shin shin-gan, “the mind and eyes of god.”

This is to know tendo, “the way of heaven.” The truth of heaven excludes all evil spirits and is absolutely correct. People must have faith. This is the only justice which exists in heaven and in people.

Wood, fire, soil, metal, water and spring, summer, fall, winter cannot exist without the earth. The five elemental manifestations and the four seasons balance the earth in the same manner as heaven is balanced by truth.

If a person is honest, virtuous and faithful, he is walking on “the path of heaven”. When he goes with the path of heaven, he is following the will of heaven. This is the mind and eyes of god. Therefore,a ninja has to be a sensible and righteous person. Ninjutsu methods of perseverance can also be understood as methods of perception. A ninja is always calm and never surprised by any situation.

This is the Togakure Ryu martial way.

Toshitsugu Takamatsu

Shinryu Masamitsu Toda
32nd Grandmaster of Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu
New Years message of 1891

  1. Know the wisdom of being patient during times of inactivity.
  2. Choose the course of justice as the path of your life.
  3. Do not allow your heart to be controlled by the demands of desire, pleasure, or dependence.
  4. Sorrow, pain, and resentment are natural qualities to be found in life; therefore, work to cultivate an immovable spirit.
  5. Hold in your heart the importance of respect for your seniors, and pursue the literary and martial arts with balanced determination.

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